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New Information Technologies in Experimental Physics

Embedded in the activities "Experimental Particle Physics", the research project "Adavanced Information Technologies in Experimental Physics" offers interested physics students the possibility - besides of basic physics studies - to acquire a deep insight into new software technologies. A qualified certificate may be achieved in "Applied IT" within the diploma certificate.

The experimental physics group offers interested students to work on pretentious problems from the fields Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems as well as Neuro- and Bio- Informatics.

During the last years in Wuppertal produced diploma and doctoral theses dealt with:

  • Expert Systems for error detection and error diagnosis of complex physics experiments,
  • applications of artificial neural networks of classification tasks in data filters and in data analysis,
  • applications of evolutionary algorithms for optimisation tasks, data analysis, and the interpretation of experimental data.

List of publications of the of the working group "Knowledge Based Systems" (since 1992)

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